6 Reasons to Implement Omnichannel Service in your Company

May 13, 2022


Have you heard about Omnichannel? This strategy consists of keeping all your company’s communication channels interconnected so that they can be used simultaneously. Its main objective is to offer a good experience to the consumer, regardless of the selected channel.

In fact, something very important in the Omnichannel experience is to make several channels appear to be the same, that is, to have an integrated experience so that your consumer feels the same way in the physical store, website, social media, chatbots, email, telephone, etc. 

 How to implement an Omnichannel service in your company

In order to implement an Omnichannel service, your company needs to know your customer in-depth, so it will be possible to be in the right place, with the right language and in the time expected by your customer.

 Observe and analyze all the information you have in your CRM and conduct satisfaction surveys with your current customer base. Knowledge is extremely important to offer a good experience, so define what data you need to know about your customers in order to build your strategy.


6 Reasons to Implement Omnichannel Service

1 – More efficient and faster support

By adopting an Omnichannel Service Strategy, you dedicate the same problem-solving effort across all channels. If the customer goes through a problem, he will find assertive answers, communicated with the same voice tome through all channels, avoiding communication noise that can often be mistaken by misinformation on the part of your service team, for example.

Can you imagine how frustrating it can be for a consumer to contact your company through a social media and receive as the answer to an issue Procedure X, but when they reach for you again, now through your phone service, they get Procedure Y as the answer to the same issue?

 With an Omnichannel Strategy, all information is aligned, which also makes services and resolutions faster and more efficient.

 2 – Increases overall customer satisfaction

As we already know, customers are increasingly demanding and are looking for satisfying experiences when interacting with brands. As mentioned before, with an Omnichannel Strategy, problem-solving becomes faster and more assertive, but this is not all.

 A fast and high-quality service increases customer satisfaction and end-up encouraging their loyalty to your business. As you probably already know, keeping a loyal customer is 5 to 25 times cheaper than acquiring new ones, hence the importance of this strategy. 

3 – One conversation, multiple channels

Think about your own experiences. How many times have you tried to resolve a problem via chat, been told to try a phone contact and when starting the conversation you had to start the service from scratch as if it were your first interaction with that issue?

Your customer is sure to want a better experience. For them, channels don’t really matter – there is only ONE conversation with the brand. The switch from social media to the phone or to a human chat can happen, but any progress achieved in the first channel cannot be left behind.

4 – Detailing information

By treating all channels as one, your company will be able to observe your customer’s journey even better and, in this case, it has a beginning, but not necessarily an end.

You will be able to analyze from the customer’s first contact with your brand, the contacts he may have made with your business until making the purchase, if there were any problems or questions after that and even the repurchase requests, for example.

In this way, it is possible to identify better post-sales opportunities, points of improvement in service and even ways to increase sales conversion.

5 – More room for automation

With all this information you can anticipate possible doubts and problems and rely on automated solutions. The chatbot is an excellent self-service option, which in addition to making service faster, reduces operational costs and improves the customer experience.

6 – Employee experience

We often say that to provide a good customer experience, your employees must be having that too – after all, they are the first contact between the customer and your business.

By providing your agents with an integration tool that offers Omnichannel Service, your company will be able to empower the agents with agility and effectiveness, and generate greater employee satisfaction. Your agents will certainly become more productive and, as a result, much more motivated.

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