Our Favorite Zendesk Integrations for B2B Companies

March 29, 2023

Zendesk is one of the leading customer service softwares on the market. It helps small and medium-sized businesses improve customer retention by improving their customer support capabilities.

Zendesk is powerful on its own, but it can be even more impressive when you take advantage of its numerous software integrations. In this article, I’ll list some of the most highly recommended Zendesk integrations at Aktie Now. 

5 Best Zendesk Integrations

There are tons of great Zendesk integrations out there to explore. These four are some of the most widely used by the team at Aktie Now:

1. Shopify

In 2023 alone, Shopify has powered 4.4 million websites in over 175 countries globally. With Shopify merchants reporting 700 million customers by March in 2023, it is clear that there is a lot of personal data on hold. 

Shopify app for Zendesk syncs customer and business information which promotes quick deliveries since agents will only spend time toggling on other applications. It provides agents with valuable shopify information right within the Zendesk portal, such as:

  • Customer’s details
  • Recent orders
  • Billing information
  • Order information
  • Shipping information

This helps agents to make accurate and quick decisions on issues such as solving tickets and processing refunds and cancellations. This works for both Shopify and Shopify plus.

2. Formspree

The Formspree-Zendesk integration breaks the barrier between acquiring and sending the form data to your help desk. It sends the customer feedback automatically to the Zendesk account resulting in response acumen. Formspree also extends to tips for creating better and custom feedback forms to match your company’s themes. This also helps agents work on real-time feedback for a better customer experience.

3. Zapier

Zapier’s Zendesk integration saves your agents’ time by performing copious tasks between different platforms and apps. With Zapier and Zendesk, there are about 24 triggers that can be automated. These are some of the tasks available for automation.

  • Turn HubSpot form submissions to Zendesk tickets
  • Add users on Zendesk from Facebook lead ads
  • Create Zendesk tickets from Turn Wufoo form entries
  • Turn JotForm submissions to Zendesk tickets
  • Turn entries in Gravity Forms to Zendesk tickets
  • Send new tickets from Zendesk to Slack as notifications
  • Type up Zendesk tickets to spreadsheets on Google Sheets
  • Create tasks on Asana from Zendesk tickets
  • Create Zendesk tickets from Typeform entries

Without manual data entry, repetitive tasks are fast to complete and creating tasks from tickets makes it even faster. 

4. Trello

If your team uses Trello for project management, this is an integration you’ll want to explore. It allows your team to use Zendesk conversations to create tasks in Trello – saving you a whole bunch of time and effort toggling between the two platforms.

Set up is easy and once it’s complete, you’ll see the Trello widget within your Zendesk dashboard. Add tickets to existing cards or create all new ones. The Trello-Zendesk integration ensures your team has all the Zendesk attachments and details they need to complete their Trello tasks. 


VTEX is one of the leading ecommerce platforms on the market used by more than 3,200 stores globally. With the Zendesk integration, Vtex users can easily manage and cancel orders directly through the Zendesk platform.

The app also integrates with the Zendesk ticketing system. Users can create a custom ticket field for storing the VTEX order id and linking the tickets to the orders. You can also create a new related ticket for a given order by letting the app auto fill the requester’s info and the order_id for the new ticket that will be created.

6. Aircall

Aircall adds call center capabilities to your Zendesk instance so you can have a central location for all your phone operations and give your support team more context for their customer interactions.

Using the Zendesk Aircall integration you can:

  • View caller details
  • Automate ticket creation
  • Access better data
  • Centralize your phone operations

Optimize Your Zendesk Portal

With the right Zendesk integrations, you can take your Zendesk portal from 10 to 11. If you’re looking for ways to optimize your Zendesk and take your customer experience to the next level, contact Aktie Now today!