Everything You Need To Know About Zendesk AI

April 18, 2024

Customer service roles can be extremely challenging. However, good customer service plays a critical part in long-term business success. Zendesk AI is a revolutionary tool that brings artificial intelligence to customer service, effectively helping to unlock the full potential of the helpdesk. Using AI for customer service enables your teams to work smarter, better, and more efficiently. 

To harness the power of AI and truly take your customer support to the next level, you need to familiarize yourself with this toolkit. Keep reading to learn more.

What Is Zendesk AI?

Zendesk AI is a customer service technology solution from the Zendesk platform. It features several intelligent tools designed to mimic human intelligence and process huge volumes of data. The offering is more than just an answering bot; it quickly understands the customer, provides personalized solutions, collects key customer information, and learns from each interaction. This ensures accurate, in-depth, and timely CX experiences for customers.

Zendesk AI Uses

The AI features that Zendesk offers, like macro suggestions and auto replies, present infinite possibilities. Leveraging these features can go a long way in helping you achieve your business goals. You can use AI to:

Route Tickets

AI can help in automating and expediting repetitive tasks in customer service. The toolkit can intelligently route tickets, categorize and prioritize them, analyze customer sentiment, and provide personalized responses. This contributes to increased accuracy and efficiency, which in turn leads to customer satisfaction.

Provide 24/7 Customer Service

Zendesk conversation bots can independently lead a conversation. This enables you to provide round-the-clock customer service, ensure customers get instant support, and create a better experience. The feature lends agents an extra hand, something that is particularly helpful during high-volume times like holidays.  

Access Valuable Insights

Using AI in customer service allows you to gather consumer insights. New AI-led insights help you to strengthen your knowledge base, anticipate needs, deliver the right answers, and resolve issues faster. That way, you get to provide a better experience to your customers.

Benefits of Using Zendesk AI

If you are keen on elevating your customer experience, artificial intelligence can come in handy. Zendesk AI helps you to:

Save Time & Effort

AI automates customer service and support workflows that tend to be time-consuming and tedious. Compared to a manual process, intelligent and accurate ticket routing saves your agents 45 seconds per ticket on average. Also, AI can handle routine queries and provide self-service options.

Boost Agent Productivity

In addition to handling some tasks, AI provides agents with quick access to the information they need during customer interactions. This sets agents up for success, prevents burnout, and improves human interactions with customers. Lastly, by saving time, AI allows agents to focus on more complex customer interactions that take more time and resources.

Streamline Your Operations

Manual, repetitive tasks not only consume massive amounts of time but can also demotivate human workers. AI workflows eliminate unnecessary steps and activities, effectively streamlining and improving your operations. This frees up agents to handle more high-value work, which in turn enhances efficiency, productivity, and growth.

Efficiently Manage Ticket Volume

Without the automation that comes with artificial intelligence, handling high ticket volumes can be taxing. Incorporating AI and automation into your Zendesk workflow adds functionality to your helpdesk. You can then efficiently manage ticket volume without your teams feeling overwhelmed.

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