Your Guide To Integrating Chatbots with Zendesk

September 14, 2023

Excellent customer service can help your business develop a loyal customer following and achieve success. Unfortunately, customers want fast and easy service even during peak hours. Without effective solutions, tickets can pile up within Zendesk, which drives up response times and reduces customer satisfaction.

You can’t just hire an army of around-the-clock support agents to solve this problem — so what’s a CX leader to do? This is where integrating chatbots with your Zendesk comes into play. 

Chatbots can triage and even resolve tickets without the need for human intervention. In fact, research shows that 60% of U.S. consumers prefer using self-service tools like chatbots for simple customer service tasks. So let’s dive into everything you need to know about integrating chatbots with Zendesk and how it can help you exceed customer expectations.

What To Look for in a Zendesk Chatbot Integration

Not all chatbots are created equal; some offer greater flexibility and compatibility with Zendesk than others. Here are some features you’ll want to look for when choosing a chatbot to integrate with Zendesk.

  • Automated ticket resolution: You want a chatbot that can automatically create tickets in your Zendesk for new inquiries and resolve simple requests autonomously.
  • Information collection: Even if a ticket requires human support, the right chatbot can gather information for your agents such as order number and preferred communication channel.
  • Multi-channel integration: Look for a chatbot that integrates with your website, social media pages, email, and more.
  • Knowledge base capabilities: A chatbot that includes knowledge base capabilities can easily provide relevant articles to resolve common queries quickly.
  • Customizable branding: To provide the best experience, be sure to pick a chatbot with customizable brand colors and images.
  • Personalized conversation flows: Look for a solution that supports multiple if/then workflows to personalize the user experience.

If a chatbot has all of these features, it’s a sure sign that you’ll be able to deflect more tickets, improve customer satisfaction, and scale your CX operations with it.

Droz Bot: A Chatbot Designed for Zendesk

While there are plenty of support chatbots on the market, very few integrate as seamlessly with Zendesk as Droz Bot. Droz Bot is designed to work natively with your Zendesk, providing a seamless flow of information between the platforms. As an omnichannel support bot, Droz Bot allows you to provide high-quality, instantaneous support across your website, email, SMS, social media, and more. 

To take your customer support to the next level, you can also add Droz Base to your tech stack. This intelligent knowledge base works as an extension of Droz Bot to serve up relevant articles to your customers and agents that help resolve issues faster.

How Does Droz Bot Integrate with Zendesk?

Since Droz Bot is designed to work with Zendesk natively, it’s easy to get the tool up and running. Here is how you can integrate Droz Bot with your Zendesk:

  1. Visit the Zendesk Marketplace
  2. Click on “Install” to download Droz Bot
  3. Log into your Zendesk account
  4. Download and install the Droz Messaging app
  5. Authorize and configure the tools

With the Droz Bot/Zendesk integration, you can streamline your customer service processes, increase productivity, and deliver world-class customer experiences.

Aktie Now Can Help You Get Started with Droz Bot

Integrating Droz Bot with Zendesk can significantly transform your customer experience. This solution allows you to automate your service, deliver quick responses, and seamlessly handle a customer service surge — so your team can focus on more complicated issues that may take longer to resolve.

At Aktie Now, we can help you integrate strategic solutions that help your business deliver excellent customer service. If you’re interested in integrating Droz Bot or any other self-service tools with your Zendesk, our experts can ensure your implementation goes off without a hitch. Contact us today to get started.

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