6 Things You Can Do With the Zendesk Aircall Integration

July 20, 2023

Using the right technology can help you make customer experience your competitive advantage. The Zendesk Aircall integration has a lot to offer, effectively enabling you to deliver next-level customer support. But exactly what can you do with this technology? 

Keep reading to find out.  

How to Use The Zendesk Aircall Integration

Aircall adds call center capabilities to your Zendesk instance so you can have a central location for all your phone operations and give your support team more context for their customer interactions. 

Here are six things you can do with the Zendesk Aircall integration.

1. View Caller Details at a Glance

As soon as an agent receives a call, caller details automatically appear on their screen. You can view caller information such as the name, customer status and contact history. This gives you a complete picture of your customers and provides the full context of the call. That way, you can have more informed conversations and enhance customer experiences. 

2. Automate Ticket Creation

Upon answering a call, a ticket is automatically created and opens on the agent’s screen. Depending on the type of call, you can choose the kind of ticket to be created. Also, tickets are automatically assigned, something that eliminates the need for manual data entry and saves your reps valuable time. Lastly, automation makes tracking and processing of customer issues easier.  

3. Access Better Data

When Aircall and Zendesk are integrated, all phone conversations are automatically logged and tracked. You can also log call data including phone numbers, call duration, recordings, call transfers, comments and outcomes. With this data, you gain deeper insights into your workflows and can evaluate the performance of your agents.  

charts and graphs displaying customer data

4. Centralize Your Phone Operations

Integrating Aircall with Zendesk enables you to manage all customer communication in one place. With this system, your support teams will have a single platform into which they can centralize their workflows. This means that team members will not have to switch screens, something that helps to increase productivity.  

5. Maximize Productivity

Aircall and Zendesk phone integration provides a host of other features that can help boost productivity. Features like click-to-call, insight cards, call recording, interactive voice response as well as call commenting and assignment will save your team time. Also, sharing important call information among team members promotes good teamwork, leading to higher productivity.  

6. Improve Communication

Aircall and Zendesk integration contributes to better communication in several ways. You can create a smart guide that automatically routes callers to the right team. 

Secondly, the clear call quality makes this system ideal for customer support purposes. Lastly, automated ticket creation and assignment lets you take notes while talking to customers. That way, you do not miss any information and can have better communication. 

Work Smarter With Zendesk and Aircall

If you need help configuring your Zendesk Aircall integration, contact Aktie Now. We integrate Zendesk with the rest of your tech stack for seamless, omnichannel customer support.  

We can help you get the most out of your Zendesk investment with an efficient, scalable, integrated setup. Contact us today for more information and let us help you reach your CX goals.  

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