A Comprehensive Guide to Zendesk’s Pricing Plans

May 23, 2024

Choosing a pricing plan from any software company can be confusing, but Zendesk makes it easy. This CX solution provides understandable packages with customizable features to integrate seamlessly into your business workflows. Read on to learn about the different types of Zendesk pricing plans, including their benefits and who they’re best for.

Zendesk Pricing Plans

Zendesk has basic pricing plans starting at $55/month. This core Zendesk service organizes customer communication, so companies can respond to problems and improve the customer experience (CX). Its interface is user-friendly, and add-ons allow it to serve unique business needs.

While the basic plans focus on communication ticketing systems and email management, Zendesk’s Suite Plans offer more comprehensive CX solutions to integrate applications and maximize their benefits.  

Suite Team

Suite Team is a foundational component of Zendesk pricing plans and costs $55/month per agent or $660/year per agent. This plan includes essential CX tools, such as ticketing and communication channel support. It provides standard bots for 24-hour customer support along with a help center, so customers can access solutions independently. The digital onboarding and Zendesk team support make implementation a breeze, and customers will appreciate the boost in responsiveness. 

Suite Growth

Suite Growth is the next step in Zendesk pricing plans for $89/month per agent or $1,068/year per agent. This plan is great for growing businesses as it adds multiple ticket forms, so support teams don’t have to search for previous customer encounters and can deliver better assistance. It also sets a timeline for responses and organizes these on the interface, so customers know when they will get a response, and service teams can prioritize their timeline. This plan also includes a self-service customer portal where customers can check in and see their interactions with your business. 

Suite Professional

With a higher level of customization, the Suite Professional plan is the most popular of all the Zendesk pricing plans, priced at $115/month per agent or $1,380/year per agent. It offers all the features of previous plans but provides live analytics, side conversations, and data location options. This is the plan that unlocks access to Advanced AI add-ons, and it offers advanced features like HIPAA compliance to protect your customer’s privacy. 

Suite Enterprise

Finally, Suite Enterprise is the complete package deal when it comes to CX software solutions, and its price is dependent on add-ons and customizations that make it worth the additional investment. Starting at $169 per agent/month when billed annually or $219 per agent/month if billed monthly, this plan offers lots of customization. Features of Suite Enterprise include Sandbox, which allows you to run a copy of Zendesk to run testing and make changes on a trial basis before making changes.

Zendesk for Startups

Zendesk commits to making its products available to all companies regardless of size or resource limitations, which is why it offers a special program to ease integration for startups. Qualifying startups get six months of free access to Zendesk Suite along with access to the Zendesk support team and additional educational events and resources. 

Popular Add-On Options

For an additional $50/month, businesses can add either Advanced AI or Advanced Data Privacy and Protection to their Zendesk package. 

Advanced AI 

This add-on provides responsive AI tools to advance bot capabilities and provide intelligent triage. Companies can prioritize communication based on preset parameters, and AI offers insight and helps to access solutions. Features include:

  • Advanced bots
  • Intelligent insights and suggestions
  • Intelligent triage
  • Macro suggestions for admins

Advanced Data Privacy and Protection 

Protecting data is an important feature for any company using digital software, and this add-on gives additional protection in the form of encryption and data masking. Companies keep their clients and themselves safer when they invest in security features, including the following:

  • Access log
  • Advanced data retention policies
  • Advanced encryption
  • Advanced redaction
  • Data masking

Zendesk Workforce Management

The Workforce Management (WFM) scheduling solution helps organizations managing teams in Zendesk. Here you can grab historical and real-time reporting to make accurate predictions. This add-on includes:

  • Agent performance reporting
  • Agent schedule views
  • AI-powered forecasting
  • Automatic agent scheduling
  • Real-time agent activity tracking

Zendesk Quality Assurance

Formerly known as Klaus, this new add-on allows your team to automatically analyze conversations across agents and channels. It can identify knowledge gaps and coaching opportunities to help you enhance your customer service. Features include:

  • Agent feedback and coaching
  • AutoQA 100% coverage
  • Spotlight AI insight filters
  • Track performance trends

Get Your Zendesk Plan Up and Running Smoothly

Choosing the right Zendesk pricing plan is just the beginning of your journey. To fast-track your implementation, you need a dedicated partner that’s knowledgeable about the platform. As a Zendesk Premier Partner, Atkie Now is more than qualified to get your Zendesk in tip-top shape. We have the expertise you need when selecting the right Zendesk license. Contact us today to learn more about which Zendesk plan is right for you or start your free Zendesk trial.


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