Zendesk Shortcuts: How To Save Time Typing Common Phrases

June 6, 2024

Zendesk is an incredibly versatile tool that can help CX teams throughout every step of the customer journey. If you’re not already using Zendesk shortcuts to avoid extra typing with routine tasks, you’re missing out on an easy way to save time and keep your customers happy. Discover the benefits of this feature and how to implement it.

Types of Zendesk Shortcuts

Zendesk shortcuts can automate common activities by adding predefined text into chat conversations, emails, or ticket responses. Shortcuts can also be tailored to fit different needs and organizational structures, such as:

  • Personal Shortcuts: These are created by individual agents for their usage and in their preferred style, to respond more quickly to the issues they handle most often.
  • Department Shortcuts: Made accessible to everyone within a specific department to facilitate more consistent responses across larger teams.
  • Global Shortcuts: Admins can make these shortcuts available to everyone to use for standard replies, like common troubleshooting tips.

Benefits of Using Zendesk Shortcuts

The main advantages of implementing shortcuts into your Zendesk workflow have to do with efficiency. However, streamlining frequent communications also has the benefit of providing a better and more consistent customer experience. Some of the ways Zendesk shortcuts can improve daily operations include the following:

Saves Time on Typing in Chats

Agents can populate quick, prepared replies to chats or tickets. Your customers will appreciate the shorter wait times when they need to interact with you!

Take Quicker Action on Tickets

Shortcuts can also be configured to perform actions like routing tickets to the appropriate department, updating their status, or flagging them for urgent attention. This functionality speeds up the whole process and helps customer issues reach the right person more quickly.

Creates a More Unified Voice

Zendesk shortcuts can even serve as a form of quality control for the most common questions or issues your team faces on a daily basis. Having these thoughtful responses ready can deliver a more consistent customer experience in terms of the information, tone, and level of service.

How To Create Zendesk Shortcuts

Setting up shortcuts in Zendesk is pretty straightforward with just a few steps:

  1. Access the Settings: Go to the chat dashboard and select Settings > Shortcuts to access the shortcuts menu.
  2. Add New Shortcut: Click Add Shortcut to open the shortcut creation page.
  3. Define the Shortcut: In the Shortcut field, type the abbreviated text you want to use as the trigger.
  4. Specify Availability: Choose who can use this shortcut from the Available for dropdown menu options such as All Agents, Agents in Department(s), or Me only.
  5. Set the Message: In the Message field, enter the phrase or command that the shortcut should automatically insert or execute when used.
  6. Create the Shortcut: Finish by clicking Create Shortcut. Your new shortcut is now ready to use!

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