Is Zendesk Advanced AI Worth It?

June 2, 2024

Effectiveness and efficiency are crucial in the fast-paced world of customer service. Most businesses nowadays have to deal with ever-growing ticket volumes and spiraling customer expectations. Never has there been a bigger need to streamline operations and provide exceptional support than now.

If you are like most business leaders, you are probably already thinking about switching to artificial intelligence (AI) for common tasks. If you use Zendesk Suite, you may wonder–Is Zendesk Advanced AI worth it?

The Role of AI in Customer Support

AI has become a critical tool in the modern business climate, with a recent survey showing that 63% of companies have adopted it. One of the key areas where AI has impacted business operations is customer support.

AI could make customer experience teams more agile and efficient, particularly when dealing with huge customer requests. Below are some of the key benefits that AI-based customer support brings to your business:


AI in customer service can lead to swift responses to common queries, drastically reducing customer wait times. AI-driven chatbots also operate round the clock, meaning your clients can get the help they need even after regular business hours. 


One of the things AI tools excel at is automating repetitive tasks. In customer support, this can include routing queries to the appropriate department or answering frequently asked questions. Facilitating this enables your human support agents to focus on more complex and meaningful interactions. This not only ensures faster response times but also alleviates team burnout and ensures that your customer support staff always offers exceptional service.


AI algorithms can help you to personalize customer responses and recommendations. This way, your company will always deliver a tailored experience that meets individual needs, which is paramount in the modern business landscape.

Furthermore, AI can anticipate client needs, leading to proactive customer support. For instance, your company could contact clients with relevant information before problems arise. This would demonstrate your ability to resolve issues quickly and show your commitment to customer care, eventually improving satisfaction.

Zendesk Advanced AI Time-Saving Features

Zendesk Advanced AI offers a suite of powerful AI tools that are purpose-built to enhance your entire customer support department. Below are some of the exceptional ways that it can improve your company’s customer experience potential.

Advanced Bots

Bots powered by Zendesk are extremely swift and easy to set up, deploy, customize, and change across all messaging platforms. This adaptability is enabled by Zendesk’s bot builder, a tool that does not need a coder. Zendesk’s bots also rely on a generative AI that you can use to draft accurate, conversational replies to customer queries quickly.

What it does:

  • Effortlessly create, deploy, and customize bots across messaging platforms – no coding required thanks to Zendesk’s user-friendly bot builder.
  • Leverage generative AI to draft natural-sounding, accurate responses to customer questions, saving you time and effort.expand_more


  • Increased agility: Quickly adapt your bots to meet evolving customer needs.
  • Improved efficiency: Generate responses faster, freeing up your team for complex issues.expand_more
  • Enhanced customer experience: Deliver natural, engaging conversations at scale.

Intelligent Triage

Zendesk has done plenty of work training Intelligent Triage to ensure it swiftly performs sentiment analysis and routing. This powerful AI tool, therefore, automatically analyzes requests to decipher customer intent, sentiment, and language and then quickly routes and prioritizes issues as appropriate. It can save up to 45 seconds per ticket, translating to about 120 hours every month given back to your CX team.

What it does:

  • Automatically deflects a greater share of customer queries, freeing agents up to work on more complex customer requests.
  • Provides agents with helpful process reminders or other information, speeding up agent onboarding and supporting ongoing training.


  • Improves customer satisfaction with quicker responses to basic questions.
  • Reduces agent workload by deflecting simple inquiries.
  • Streamlines onboarding and training for new agents.

Intelligence in the Context Panel

Intelligent tools in the context panel help customer support agents handle their work more efficiently, eliminating repetitive manual and guessing tasks. It could also give agents quick summaries of a large conversation to help solve issues faster.  

What it does:

  • Gets agents up to speed quickly with a ticket by using the summarize feature to recap all the public comments that have been added to the ticket so far.
  • Gives agents access to insights on customer intent, sentiment, and language to find the best resolution quickly.
  • Suggests the most relevant macros to apply so agents can respond and solve issues faster.
  • Helps agents ramp up quickly and improve by giving them AI-powered guidance on customer context next steps.


  • Reduces time spent reviewing past conversations.
  • Enables faster and more focused customer interactions.
  • Improves agent productivity and decision-making.

Content Cues and Macro Suggestions for Admins  

Zendesk AI can provide content cues at different levels of a conversation with a client. It continually scans inbound support requests and gathers trending topics to help content management teams write help center articles. The AI also offers macro suggestions for admins, which can help customer support staff respond quicker and more consistently. 

What it does:

  • Offers suggestions to create shared macros to help agents respond faster and more consistently.
  • Identifies knowledge gaps in macros and optimizes to provide the most relevant response.
  • Reduces the time spent on analysis and promotes seamless collaboration between teams.


  • Ensures accurate and up-to-date information in the help center.
  • Standardizes agent responses and improves efficiency.
  • Minimizes training time for new agents.

Zendesk AI vs. Advanced Zendesk AI: A Breakdown

 Zendesk offers two AI tiers: Zendesk AI and Advanced Zendesk AI. Zendesk AI, included in most plans, automates basic tasks like routing tickets and suggesting responses. It’s a great starting point. Advanced Zendesk AI is a paid add-on with superpowers! It tackles complex tasks with AI-powered content creation and supercharges agent efficiency. Choose the one that fits your team’s size and automation needs.

Zendesk AI (Basic):

  • Free or included in most plans.
  • Handles basic tasks: routing tickets, suggesting responses, summarizing conversations.
  • Good for small teams or those new to AI.

Advanced Zendesk AI (Add-on):

  • Paid add-on for more features.
  • Automates more tasks with AI-powered content creation and intelligent search.
  • Boosts agent productivity and personalizes customer experience.
  • Ideal for larger teams with high volume or a focus on advanced automation.

Make the Switch to Zendesk Advanced AI Today

Zendesk Advanced AI can help your team scale its support reach and eliminate repetitive tasks. At Aktie Now, we have years of experience in all things Zendesk. Contact us to fast-track your AI implementation with hands-on expert support.

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